In the studio: Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Lucky enough to have not one but two studio visits this weekend with the brilliant, bold, and downright true heart Morgan Bassichis. Please look up his work if you haven’t already seen it-- he is an important voice on many things including ///(in my words)//// collectivity, queerness, and political and personal landcapes of oppression/action/suppression/possibility.
While holding all that, his performances are completely hilarious, sometimes alternating cutting observation and raw tenderness, above all with an ease he uniquely creates. He came to School of the Art Institute of Chicago, gave a performance, and studio visits, all which left me flying with grateful considerations of//////////

ºhumor in nuance
ºhumor as vehicle to be with crises/trauma in new important ways ºblending practices/ navigating spaces/responses/different backgrounds ºinviting/allowing pleasure into an art practice, as a guide for performance ºdivorcing the idea of pleasing everyone/ this is impossible to work with/know
ºsimplicity/ silliness/ impulse
ºbreathing life into dead texts
ºcollective reading/singing as spells 
ºstaying close to source material, asking back to it for answers

I have begun a new project recently: working title is
Life Saving and Water Safety 
I printed out some stills from the project, large scale on transparent bond which is all new to me (working with photos, this scale, this paper). I tacked them up ‘round my studio and now I feel like I live there, which is lovely. I originally imagined the project as multi-channel video projections and/or performance. I might still work it through these iterations to see what it should become. More on all of this soon. 
I took this footage just before I left Atlanta to start the semester/////  Special thanks to two of my absolute favorite performers and humans
Jake Krakovsky and Hez Stalcup